Vorträge auf dem Nukleare Astrophysik Kurs I:

  • Vortrag 1:  Nuclear Astrophysics:Introduction (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 2:  Equations of state, pressure, hydrostatic Equilibrium (ppspdf
  • Vortrag 3: Polytrope models: White Dwarfs and Main Sequence Stars (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 4:  Luminosity Gradient, Energy Transport, Eddington's Standard Model (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 5: Generalized Adiabatic Coefficients, Equilibrium Theorems, Convection (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 6: Nuclear Reaction Rates (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 7: The Path to Cross Sections and the Gamow Window (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 8: Power Law Reaction Rates, Nuclear Energy Generation and Polytropes (ppspdf)
  • Vortrag 9: Mass-luminosity relation, Herzsprung-Russel diagram (ppspdf)
  • Vortraege 10: pp-Chain, CNO Cycles: Connection to the Herzsprung Russel Diagram (ppspdf)
  • Vortraege 11 & 12:  Further on Reaction Rates, Nuclear Resonances, Resonant Reaction Rate (ppspdf)

Vorträge auf dem Nukleare Astrophysik Kurs II:

  • Vortrag 1: Inverse Reaction Rates, PP-Chain Nucleosynthesis (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 2: CNO Cycle and Connection Red Giant Stellar Abundances (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 3,4: Helium Burning:  Triple-α Reaction, Sakurai's Object;Carbon-α Burning, Heavy Ion Burning (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 5,6: Novae Explosions and Resonant Reaction Rate Measurements (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 7: Hot CNO Cycles, Waiting Point Nuclei, X-Ray Bursts (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 8,9: Ignition Masses, Oxygen Burning, Silicon "Melt" and Quasi-Equilibrium (pps, pdf)
  • Vortrag 10,11: The s-Process and r-Process, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (pps, pdf)

Übungen auf dem Nukleare Astrophysik Kurs: